Prince Nel Rentoria

Executive Recruiter (305) 204-0626


Prince Rentoria is HRH’s Sales and Recruiting consultant. He dedicated ten years of his working life to the business development field. His expertise is in B2B and B2C Sales, Recruiting, and Marketing. He has experience working in different industries such as Hospitality, Information Technology, HR, Accounting, eCommerce, Fashion, and Retail. Prince is a professional sale and recruiting leader who values integrity and accountability. Outside work, he loves to spend time with his family going to church services, walking in the subdivision, barbecuing, and eating in restaurants. On holidays he enjoys surfing and driving in the countryside.

Areas of Expertise



Sales and Recruiting Consultant, PR’s Marketing and Consulting Services


Sales Account Executive, HIKINEX, San Francisco Bay Area


  • University of the Philippines Open University
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Philippine Technical Education and Skills Development Authority